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Everyone loves traveling, seeing fascinating spots and historical places, beautiful landscapes are all great. Especially if you're traveling with someone you get along very well, then it is absolutely priceless. Additionally, Turkey is a breathtakingly beautiful country with lots of historical places to visit. Further, you can find lots of strange geographical constructs in Turkey, all the way from far East side to Istanbul.

Turkey has a lot of fascinating mountain views, especially in Northern (Blacksea) and Southern (Mediterranean) regions.


I also loved the time when me and my (biker) cousin Yigit traveled around the Toros Mountains in the southern region. Wish we can do it again!


April 2015, I traveled to Cairo, Egypt, to give a speech for our paper at CICLING'15 conference. I spent one week there, and it was absolutely AMAZING!

Here are some photos (there are total of 300~400), check out my facebook albums for the rest of it.




Back to Turkey, here's another beautiful view from Aegean region of Turkey, Bodrum, to which we've traveled and had a splendid holiday last summer with Dicle.


Speaking of the Aegean side, I'd like to show you my hometown, Izmir. Where I was born and raised till I was 16 years old.

Everyone loves their hometown, but Izmir is really something else. I'm literally in love with this city.


Here are series of shots from different travels around Turkey. Read the captions below the photos for more information.